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Boon Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre offers packages for pain management, spine care, vestibular rehabilitation, work-related injuries rehabilitation and neuroloical rehbailitation.

Pain Management Package

Most people will experience significant pain at some point in their life whether it is from injuries, falls, illness or some other unknown factors. Pain can badly affect a person’s sleeping patterns and quality, performance at work, activity levels and overall quality of life. It is also a warning symptom that the body needs attention and it is out of balance. Often pain is a result of adhesions in muscles and tendons, poor blood circulation, inflammation or a build-up of scar tissues. 

Boon Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre's Pain Management Package is aimed to heal both acute and chronic pain suffering by the patients by offering individually tailored treatments. Our physiotherapists will work with our patients to improve their mobility and overall general well-being.


Spine Care Package

Stroke rehabilitation is aimed to help post-stroke individuals to progress through the stages of motor recovery through manipulation of muscle tone. Studies showed that 52% of post-stroke patients who chose stroke rehabilitation treatment with physiotherapy method experience improved functional walking ability.

Physiotherapy treatments can help to manage spasticity by modifying and reducing muscle tone by mobilisation of the affected limbs early in rehabilitation along with elongation of the spastic muscle and sustained stretching. Passive manual technique of rhythmic rotation can also help to increase initial range.


Vestibular Rehabilitation Package

Vestibular rehabilitation is a form of physiotherapy treatment that is drug-free and exercise and treatment based approach to treat dizziness and balance problems, vertigo, difficulty in reading or concentrating, fear of falling or headaches or any vestibular problems (vestibular system includes parts of the inner ear which is the organs of balance, the pathways that lead to the brain, and the brain itself that help control balance and eye movements).


Specific exercises are to decrease dizziness, increase balance and general activity levels.
The main objective of Vestibular rehabilitation is to retrain the brain to coordinate information from the inner ear balance organs, vision and the proprioceptive system (sensory receptors that are sensitive to stretch or pressure).


Work-Related Injuries Rehabilitation Package

At Boon Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, we understand how much an impact of a work-related injury can affect our patients' productivity, performance and income. Regardless of manual labour or office worker, our physiotherapists can get our patients back to full health with the confidence to work through individualised therapies.


Common work-related injuries are sprains, strains, tendonitis, and fractures from overuse injuries. Our physiotherapists will use aggressive yet cautious approach to treating work-related injuries based on accurate diagnosis, early pain management and prescribe exercise to promote mobility and strength of patients for early return to activity. Our physiotherapists will also postural or ergonomic adjustments and education to minimise discomfort in the workplace and to prevent further issues in the future.

or pain in your workplace, as well as preventing further issues in the future.


Neurological Rehabilitation Package

Neurological rehabilitation provides care for patients that are suffering from nerves or nervous system injuries or illness. These include brain injury, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and so on. Patients with neurological disorders will have problems such as vision impairment, poor balance, loss of functional independence, paralysis and so on.

Our physiotherapists here at Boon Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre will then work closely with the patient and the patient’s family to improve these areas of dysfunction.